Answers to frequently asked questions

Why are tickets to see Santa more expensive for children when compared to adult prices?
All children will receive a personal gift and therefore there is a little extra additional cost to cover this

Why do I have to add Names, Genders etc when ordering tickets?
As mentioned above - we give personalised gifts to all the children. This means we need to know their names and genders to be able to give them a suitable gift and have their name on the wrapping.

Why do I need to select a time when ordering my tickets?
Santa is a very busy man during his visit! We need to make sure he has time to see all the children without having long waiting queues. Therefore we have a set maximum amount of visitors per 15 minute 'time slots' which means if you arrive on time you won't have to queue too long and afterwards you can take as much time as you like to visit the rest of the entertainment.

The time I wanted to book was showing as available earlier but when I came back later to add my party it does not appear for selection.
Your party number must have been enough to exceed the limit for that particular 15 minute time slot. You should select the next nearest available time.

You can of course come earlier and view the other attractions before visiting Santa - but please don't attempt to jump the queue and ensure you only go to see him at the time you booked otherwise you will likely be told to wait.

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